Education of Our Girls . .,

The girls attend leading Government Schools in Gampaha located 3 miles away from the Home.

We are proud of the fact that one of our senior girls was awarded a scholarship to the University of Banglore by the Government of India and she completed her Bachelor Degree with First Class honours.  She then got a further Scholarship at the University of Bangalore and completed her MBA with distinction. She now works in leading establishment in Sri Lanka

One of our girls completed a Course of Training in Nursing and she is now a qualified nurse working in a leading Private Hospital.

We took the bold step of sending 6 of our Grade 1 Children who appeared intelligent and had initiative, to the Yoshida International English School situated 15miles away.  We are proud to say that of a class of 20 our six girls have all come within the first eight ! These girls are on Schorlaship. We hope that they will be good and useful citizens of our Country some day.

We have a special Unit with Computers, giving an opportunity for developing one’s talent and knowledge in Information Technology.  This had turned out to be very popular among the girls.  These Computers were donated by one of our well-wishers from Holland.

Our Library with a senior teacher in charge is made well use of.  When the books lent are being returned, the girls are expected to answer various questions, posed by the teacher pertaining to the book