We have a program where we welcome English Speaking female Volunteers interested in Child welfare to be with us in their GAP year or at other times convenient to them.  In their process of playing with our Children and at other times they will automatically impart the English Language to our girls in their conversation, singing etc.


Day of Remembrance …

This is a program to support the maintenance of our Complex. It costs US$ 100/- per day and we appeal to you to send us this money, nominating a particular day to remember and give merit to a Dear Departed one or in celebration of ones’ birthday – especially a child’s.

Sponsorship …

“ We invite you to share your life by sponsoring one of our Children and letting her know that there are people in the world who care.
You may remit US$ 50/- monthly or US$ 600/- annually for her personal welfare ”

Peter Weerasekara Foundation…

The Peter Weerasekera Foundation was established mainly to manage the PETER WEERASEKERA CHILDREN’S HOME and care for its children. This is also a Sri Lanka Government Approved Charity.

All donations should be drawn in favour of Peter Weerasekera Foundation and sent .

Peter Weerasekera Foundation
15/2, Guildford Crescent
Colombo 07
Sri Lankan

Make your Donation .

Contact : +9464065048 / +94770663886

Please WhatsApp Donation details to above number


Account Name – Peter Weerasekera Foundation
Acc. No – 0000000543
Branch – Corporate Branch.
4, Bank of ceylon Mawatha,
Colombo 01.
Sri Lanka.