Educational Trips ,


6-9-2014 4-10-36 PM_2331The Senior girls are taken on tour, about twice a year, to various places of Historical and Educational interest, in the country. On their return they are requested to write an essay about the tour where they are given marks and prizes awarded.



Our Children actively participate in Inter–School Sports. Several of them have done well in their activities.  We have a Net Ball Court in our premises and all encouragement is given for the girls to participate and show their Team-Spirit. We are proud that two of our girls attending Yoshida International School were selected to represent the School in the Netball Team, which toured Thailand.

Extra Curricular Activities

6-9-2014 4-12-055These include Gardening, Drama, Dancing, Singing and Art. The Girls are given special training in these fields and they have won prizes in competitions. In Dancing one of our girls won the 1st prize awarded by the Department of Probation and Childcare at the last International Children’s Day.  Our Band was also selected to escort the VIPs on their arrival at this occasion whilst one of our Senior Girls was selected to act as the Compeer for all the day’s events.  Using a Piano gifted to us we are endevouring to pick up talented Children in this field.