about us

about us

Our Vision ,

Every girl that leaves our Home should be employable.This is our Main Vision.  We hope to continue our methods of caring and giving, in the hope that we will be able to develop good and valuable citizens of our Country through our girls who would otherwise have a hopeless future.For this charitable cause we need your support in whatever way you can,which would be greatly appreciated by all of us.

Our Management ,

The Peter Weerasekera Children’s Home complex is overall managed by the Trustees of the Peter Weerasekera Foundation with the assistance of a local committee from the village. This committee of management meets at the end of every month at the Home, where the Trustees are also present. The activities and the welfare of the children during the month are discussed and the accounts analysed. The proposed activities for the next 3 months are also discussed and decisions taken. A senior co-ordinator works 5days of the week from the Children’s Home.

The Annual Accounts are audited by a leading firm of auditors in Colombo.