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Srima Dissanayake , Pesident / Trustee
Peter Weerasekera Children’s Home
Sugath Sisira Kumara , Commissioner Department of Probation and Childcare Services

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Homes for destitute Orphaned Girls are a pressing need. In 1959 the Peter Weerasekera Children's Home was formed to ease this need . The Original intake was a batch of 10 girls from age 7 to 14. Today 85 children are being looked after at the Home. The Home is sited in salubrious Surroundings 21 miles away from Colombo.

  • Mr. Singha Weerasekera - Chairman
  • Mrs. Mala Weerasekera
  • Mr Hiran Weerasekera
  • Mr Mahen Weerasekera
  • Mr. Amrith Weerasekera
  • Mr. Pani Adihetty
  • Mr Kamil Weerasekera
  • Mrs Udumbara Jayasiri